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Our Philosophy

Sedona embraces and nurtures the unique perspectives of young minds. Children are treated with respect and understanding, and are encouraged to develop at their own pace.

We believe that children are active learners at an early age. Their understanding of the environment is through active exploration and involvement in activities and events. Through play, children allow themselves to create relationships among ideas, events, and people.

At Sedona, we encourage children not only to learn through play, but also provide an environment with development appropriate activities. This enables the children to learn their basic skills through social, emotional, physical, and cognitive interaction.

Browse through our pages to get an idea of how your child might enjoy the Sedona experience. Then, give us a call and come down to see it first hand.

About Us

It is the perfect New England setting with a twist. Located in downtown Milford past the picturesque duck pond and white churches, Sedona Daycare and Learning Center is open throughout the school year. Follow the flagstone path and enter a world of vibrant turquoise and burnt orange of Arizona. Dream catchers and Native American symbols dance invitingly along the walls above colorful and educational wall decorations including a giant mesa evoking the landscape of the American Southwest. When asked about the unusual theme, director and teacher Selina Piselli explains that the idea of Sedona came from an inspiration from her father, Mr. Richard Piselli, after a trip to the Sedona, Arizona area. As explained by Mr. Piselli, “The colors are so vivid and also tranquil; the culture is so interesting and exciting for young learners.”

Sedona offers a clean, healthy, and safe learning environment for children ranging in the age from 3 months to 5 years old. The school has an infant room, toddler room, and pre-school program so that all children are involved in age appropriate activities designed to challenge, as well as develop, their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Preschoolers are introduced to the basic concepts that will help prepare them for the successful transition to elementary school. The staff is well educated, licensed, experienced, and certified in CPR and first aid. Ms. Piselli is a graduate of Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in early childhood education with a minor in special education. In addition, she is certified and has over 15 years experience in early childhood teaching.

Sedona prides itself on its innovative teaching methods and materials, including a computer workstation. Children are encouraged to learn through play and learn actively. The friendly staff is committed to providing a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere for children. Furthermore, the staff provides an open and communicative relationship with parents making Sedona a positive and constructive part of a child’s crucial early development.