The Preschool Program

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The Preschool Program

Sedona's Preschool program offers a curriculum based environment. Pre K class explores a different theme each week through activities, literature, language, and learning experiences. Emphasis is on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of each child. The children participate in groups as well as independently. Our goal is to create independence, self-esteem, and confidence. Sedona is the place in which your child's curiosity and joys of discovery are encouraged.

The classroom is designed to stimulate the children's interest in exploring their creativity and learning basic concepts, which will help prepare them for future school experiences.

Daily Schedule

7-9:20 Children arrive and organize free play

9:20 Clean up

9:30 Snack (provided by Sedona)

9:50/10:00 Morning Circle

10:30/10:45 Centers

11:20 Clean up, wash hands

11:30 Lunch

12:00/12:15 Cleaning up lunch, bathroom breaks, and getting ready to outside for play

1:00-3:00 Quiet and Rest time

3:10/3:15 Afternoon snack (provided by Sedona)

3:30/3:40 Afternoon Circle

4:00 Afternoon centers

4:50 Clean up

5:00-6:00 Afternoon outside play (depending on weather)