The Pre 4 Program

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The Pre 4 Program

Pre 4 program focuses on the development of the children through play and exploration with positive reinforcement. The children learn the connection between print and speech, explore books independently and re tell stories. They notice print throughout the classroom and start to recognize their meaning as well as familiarize themselves with letters.

The Pre 4 room provides our 3 year olds with the opportunity to socialize in group and individual situations. Emerging language skills are emphasized through a variety of themes which are incorporated into the children's work and play.

Daily Schedule

7-9:20 Children arrive and organize free play

9:20 Claen up

9:30 Snack (provided by Sedona)

9:50/10:00 Morning Circle

10:00-10:45/11:00 Outside play

11:00-11:45 Centers

11:45 Clean up, Wash hands

11:45-12:20 Lunch

12:25 Cleaning up lunch, bathroom breaks

12:25-1:00 Story time, music, or small center activities

1:00-3:00 Quiet and rest time

3:10/3:15 Afternoon snack (provided by Sedona)

3:30/3:40 Afternoon circle

4:00 Afternoon centers

5:00-6:00 Afternoon outside play (depending on weather)